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Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival 
Paddling for the pink



Who is Paddling For Cancer Awareness (P4CA)?

The mission of P4CA is to be the non-profit corporation supporting cancer survivor dragon boat racing teams and their support teams in the Tri-State Region, to create awareness programs, promote dragon boat racing throughout the region and to serve as a tax exempt repository for donations, sponsorship funds, and money raised on behalf of affiliated teams.


eve of the event

At the night before the event, registrants are granted access to our festival venue! From procuring materials to incorporating lighting and interactive elements, the canvas of your booth is truly your innovation.

Rose ceremony

The Rose Ceremony follows the Qualifying Heats. It can be an emotional moment for attendees.

the hype challenge

The 2024 Hype Challenge will be a 500 meter relay race. Each team will consist of 3 boats that will compete in a straight-shot 500 meters to "tag" the next boat in. How many times you have to race will be the question!



The Loan Rangers

Abreasted Development

Second Base Squeeze

The Kentucky Thorough-breasts




frequently asked questions

General Dragon Boat Questions

  • What is Dragon Boat Racing?
    Dragon Boat Racing is a great team sport that has its roots in ancient China. In the last 30 years, Dragon Boat Racing has been revitalized and its popularity has grown like wildfire. It is one of the fastest growing team sports in the world. There are more than 50 million people worldwide participating in Dragon Boat Racing each year. Teams and competitions are currently found in more than 57 nations.
  • How big is a dragon boat?
    Today’s dragon boats vary in size, but essentially are long, narrow racing canoes. The standard racing dragon boat measures approximately 14 meters (45 feet) with the head and tail.
  • How many paddlers are on a team?
    Generally, 16-20 paddlers sit two paddlers per row. This year we are limiting the number of paddlers to 16 per race (BCS and Club Teams are permitted to have 20 paddlers). A steersperson stands in the rear of the boat and uses a long steering oar. A drummer sits on the front of the boat and beats out the cadence of the strokes. For this event, the steersperson, drummer, paddles, life jackets and dragon boats will be provided for you. This is a co-ed event. All teams must have a minimum of 8 women. No all-male teams will be allowed.
  • What are the skill requirements?
    This sport is suitable for people of all ages, physiques and fitness levels. You must be over 13 to participate. It is one of the most inclusive sports around. There are community, corporate, breast cancer survivor, blind, paraplegic, senior, women’s, men’s, co-ed teams, and more. We regret that the boat can only accommodate a certain amount of weight to function properly, so people weighing over 300 pounds will not be able to participate. Each team will be required to have at least 10 of their paddlers to have attended an on-water practice to compete.
  • What happens if there is bad weather?
    This is a rain or shine event. Please check our website, for any weather or condition updates before you head to the festival. Any changes or delays will be posted on the web site.
  • How can I access AJ Jolly Park to paddle?
    Depending on your location and mode of transportation, you may have options to access the lake which is located nearest U.S. Route 27. More details are available via Maps [widget] at the website footer.
  • How can I confirm if I did book a practice?
    Your email inbox may contain a receipt from a booking request. Additionally, by browsing our Google Calendar you may be able to locate your day/time.
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